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Nine Wholesale’s range of products has been designed to benefit your business. Our dedicated team is ready to work in partnership with you, to create a structured plan specifically for your business and deploy support services to ensure you deliver it.

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Nine’s Purple Partner Programme offers a range of compelling business benefits, including access to a suite of rebranded product collateral (including service agreements), rebranded customer driver videos, priority invitations to workshops and training, special product incentives and VIP breakfast and lunch meetings with our senior team.

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We also offer bureau billing and direct debit collection services, so you can focus on selling while we take care of your back-office functions. Find out more…

If you’re an existing Nine Wholesale partner, please talk to your Account Manager. If you’re looking to join us, we’d be happy to meet with you and discuss our prices. Please contact

No. Our retail customer base is made up from acquisitions and our account managers specialise in cross-selling and up-selling, so we’ll never be directly in competition with you. If we ever find ourselves up against any of our partners, we’ll immediately and happily withdraw.

Yes, we’d be happy to chat to you and offer any advice. Please contact our Managing Director, Nick Webster by emailing or calling 07919 888282.

HMRC introduced emergency legislation to the way VAT is applied to some of the services you buy from us.

In summary, these changes mean that we will no longer charge VAT for the supply of certain services as defined by HMRC. These services will instead be subject to Domestic Reverse Charges, whereby “the customer receiving the wholesale supply of telecommunications services must account for the VAT due rather than the supplier. In turn the customer deducts the VAT due on the supply as an input, meaning no net tax is payable to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)”. A more detailed list of items which fall under Reverse Charges can be found under section 4.2.

Due to the very complex nature of billing, over the coming months we will be updating our systems to accommodate these changes. We’ll write to you again to let you know when these changes will take effect and how these will be presented to you. Until then, we will continue to provide you with invoices with the existing VAT rules applied, which you will need to continue to pay in the usual way.

What do you need to do?

Until these changes have been implemented, you don’t need to take any action or change the way you pay your invoices. HMRC have provided some useful information under section 5, but we still recommend you seek professional advice.

Our Purple Partner Programme. It’s how we help resellers level the playing field. Find out more here.

If there is something concerning you, we want to put it right.  For every product set we have a dedicated escalation process with clear points of contact, and we will always do our utmost to make sure you get the outcome you want.  The escalation process will be explained to you by your Channel Development Manager, or if you have any immediate concerns, please contact and we will be happy to help.

For sales opportunities or pricing enquiries, please drop us a line or contact your Channel Development Manager.

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