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Data Connectivity

Data Connectivity

Today’s business customers demand ever-higher standards for Internet and Data connectivity. Nine Wholesale ensures you’ll deliver it. We work with a variety of leading network operators to provide the nationwide coverage, unrivalled uptime and flexibility you need to give them an exceptional service.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes Ethernet access, leased lines and MPLS multi-site private networks, which you can use to create solutions that benefit your customers in all sorts of ways. Secure, fast Internet connectivity lets them communicate quickly and serve more people in less time, while resilient data networks mean information can be shared with their employees, customers and suppliers without compromise.

Independent and carrier-neutral, Nine Wholesale can provide everything you need for complete Data Connectivity: from the simplest deployment, to a fully-managed, end-to-end network, monitored around-the-clock and supported by outstanding customer service.

Nine have given my business more support and encouragement than any other supplier. I know that on any issue I can speak openly and honestly with any of the team and they’re just as open and honest with me.