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Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Here at Nine, not only do we offer a market leading billing platform, but we also take away the hassle of managing manual customer payments.

Cascade WEB is not just a Billing platform – it also has an integrated and automated Direct Debit function to sit alongside your daily processes. Take advantage of single click instruction setups. Take comfort in knowing that we’ll notify you of customer changes or cancellations to their instruction. Take control of your cash flow and collect additional payments.

As part of the service, you’ll be supplied with your own Service User Number (SUN), which ensures brand engagement by having your company name on the customers’ bank statement. And this will be yours to keep indefinitely!

Transparent and low start-up costs, without hidden sponsorship and software licensing costs to consider.

The service we receive from Nine Wholesale far exceeds the service that we’ve received from other wholesalers – it’s a reliable, quality service and the team always work incredibly hard on our behalf.