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Exceptional Call Reporting

Exceptional Call Reporting

Exceptional Call Reporting helps to mitigate the cost impact of fraud by reporting on calls on the lines you place through us, looking out for any strange calling patterns to premium rate numbers (particularly out of hours), or high levels of spend to known fraudulent destinations.

If we detect suspicious activity, we’ll notify you of the exceptional activity and as a first step, we can place an immediate block on outbound calls from the lines making these calls. Then, if we agree that fraudulent activity has indeed taken place, we’ll ask you to report the matter to the police for investigation.

Furthermore, we can also help to cover the cost of up to £5,000 – As you would probably expect, this is subject to terms and conditions. Your account manager will be happy to provide further information.

The service we receive from Nine Wholesale far exceeds the service that we’ve received from other wholesalers – it’s a reliable, quality service and the team always work incredibly hard on our behalf.